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Media Relations is Dead. Long Live Media Relations.
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Staying Strong: Managing the Fallout From the Deadly Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino
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Super Fans: How to Draw Loyalists to Your Brand
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Dialed In: James L. Anderson of Turner Broadcasting on Arts and Entertainment
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Building Trust in Tough Economic Times: The Importance of Strong and Differentiated Brand Communications
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Ace Your Next Interview by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes
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2016 Ev Clay / PRSA Miami Chapter Endowment Fund Luncheon

Celebrating Community Leaders and PR Legends


Welcome to PRSA Miami

With more than 200 members, the PRSA Miami chapter has grown to become the pre-eminent public relations organization in Miami-Dade County and has always enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the PRSA world for the strength of its chapter management and the quality of its programs. PRSA Miami offers members the opportunity to learn, network, develop leadership skills, and advance professionally in an atmosphere of good comradeship.

PRSA Miami has a membership that is more diverse than any other PRSA chapter. Our approach to building a membership base that reflects the composition of our community has won the chapter PRSA national diversity awards and inspired creation of PRSA's national diversity toolkit.

We invite you to become an active member of our chapter and learn more about joining, our events and leadership opportunities. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact Michelle Palomino, President at

Join anytime from May 1 - Aug. 31 and receive a free, one-year local chapter membership! 

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