Miss Our Hispanic 2010 Census Webinar? View the Presentation Materials Here

On Wednesday June 15, 2011 - Experts from Univision and the U.S. Census Bureau along with the Hispanic Marketing Committee of PRSA Miami hosted a webinar to discuss implications of the Hispanic population results from the 2010 U.S. Census and the opportunity for marketers to reach this growing population.

The webinar was introduced by Silvia Prado of Logos PR, PRSA Miami Board Member and Hispanic Market Committee Chair. The presenters included research veteran Elizabeth Ellers from Univision and Raul Cisneros from the Census Bureau during this one-hour interactive webinar focused on going beyond the numbers to understand what changes are documented by the new counts. Maribel Ferrer from Fleishman Hillard will moderate.

This complimentary professional develepment webinar was offered by PRSA Miami and sponsored by Univision, Fleishman-Hillard, HispanicAd, Hispanic PR Blog, and PR Newswire and was open to the public.

Below are the materials from today's webinar:

VIDEO & PRESENTATION: PRSA Miami and Univision: Census 2010 Hispanic Webinar Video & Presentation

VIDEO ONLY: PRSA Miami and Univision Census 2010 Hispanic Webinar Introduction Video


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Lead our chapter in 2012

It’s time to step up and help lead Miami’s PRSA Chapter in 2012 and beyond! Furthering our profession through work in our Chapter and Society builds knowledge, friendships, contacts and careers.

PRSA Miami’s Nominating Committee will meet soon to prepare a slate of candidates to fill the 2012 elected Chapter positions listed below. The positions of Assembly Delegates and Accreditation Committee chair require those individuals to have their APR. All other elected and appointed positions are open to all Chapter members in good standing.

Use this Nomination Form to nominate qualified Chapter members or yourself for open board positions. In the “Willingness to Serve” section, check the committees for which you are willing to volunteer as committee chair or committee member. Please reply by e-mail. The deadline is Friday, July 15, 2011.

The Nominating Committee will present its slate of nominees for elected positions to all Miami Chapter members no less than ten days prior to our Chapter’s annual meeting on Sept. 30, 2011. Election shall be by majority vote of the members present and voting. Contested elections shall be conducted by written ballot.

For more information on position descriptions, nominations, and the elections process, visit PRSA Miami online at, click on “About PRSA,” then “Bylaws.” If you have questions, contact Annabel Beyra at 786-301-9323 or e-mail at [email protected].




The president-elect, in the absence or disability of the president, exercises the powers and performs the duties of the president. The president-elect also generally assists the president and performs other duties as prescribed by the board. The president-elect will assume the office of president in 2012.

The secretary keeps records of all meetings of the Chapter and of the board, issues notices of all such meetings and performs all other duties customarily pertaining to the office. The secretary sends copies of the minutes of all Chapter board meetings to all board members no later than 30 days after the meeting. The secretary, if assigned by the president, may also be responsible for distributing Chapter news and event information.

The treasurer receives and deposits all Chapter funds in the name of the Chapter in a financial institution approved by the board, issues receipts, and makes authorized disbursements by check after proper approval by the president or board. The treasurer also prepares the Chapter’s budget in consultation with the president and the committee chairs for approval at the January board meeting. The treasurer provides financial reports to the board at each regular board meeting and renders an annual financial statement to the Chapter’s membership.

Director-at-Large (two positions open for three-year term, 2012-2014)
In addition to the four Chapter officers and appropriate number of assembly delegates, the board includes six directors-at-large positions. Each director-at-large serves a three-year term. The board supervises controls and directs the affairs of the Chapter, determines its policies or changes within the limits of the bylaws, actively pursues its purpose, and has discretion in the disbursement of funds. It may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of business as advisable and may, in executing these powers, appoint agents or employees, as it considers necessary. The board also acts as trustee of the EvClay/PRSA Miami Chapter Endowment Fund, with fiduciary responsibility for protecting its assets. Duties include approving an annual Endowment Fund investment plan, reviewing the previous year’s financial activity and determining the level of scholarship funding to be awarded for the year in the first quarter of each year. Each director assumes oversight of one or more committees as assigned by the president and reports committee activities to the board in the absence of the chair(s).

Assembly Delegate (two position open for three-year term, 2012-2014)
The board includes a number of Assembly delegates (currently three, based on our chapter size) who represent the chapter in PRSA's national governing body, the Leadership Assembly, which is held in conjunction with the annual International Conference. Delegates vote on issues of importance to the Society with guidance from the chapter board. Delegates must be APR and have at least one year of past service as a chapter officer or director at large. A stipend is provided to delegates to offset the costs of Assembly attendance.



Committee Chairs
Committee chairs are not elected, but rather appointed by the President-Elect. Each committee has one or two chairs that are responsible for preparing a plan and budget to be incorporated into the master budget submitted for the board’s approval in January. The chairs report committee activities to the board regularly.


Returning 2012 PRSA Miami Board Members

2012 President
Fernando Figueredo, APR

Immediate Past President
Annabel Beyra, APR

Returning Board Members:
Connie Crowther thru 2012
Silvia Prado thru 2012
Michelle Palomino thru 2013
Richard Gibbs thru 2013

Assembly Delegates
Georgina Gonzalez-Robiou, APR thru 2013

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