Food For Thought: Stepping Up Social Media Strategy

If there wasn’t work to get back to, I think everyone at last week’s Food for Thought panel discussion could have easily stayed all afternoon.


The panel of local social media experts included Alex de Carvalho, co-founder of a host of web-based startups and professor of a social media course at the University of Miami School of Communication, Murray Izenwasser, senior interactive strategist at Biztegra, and Jay Berkowitz, founder and CEO of the strategic online marketing consulting businesses


The resounding theme throughout the lunchtime discussion was how to best manage and build your brand across all web-based outlets. Though it may seem daunting to make sure you have a grip on your brand across the dozens of major outlets on the web these days, the panel shared a slew of techniques to help brands make it happen.


One of the most interesting topics that came up during the discussion was the idea of “cascading content.” While it sounds like a new idea, it’s actually something most of us already do with our content, whether we know it or not. Utilizing the “cascading content” technique is as simple as taking a press release, posting it on your website, posting a link to it on Facebook, tweeting about it on Twitter, maybe filming a short one-minute video on the topic for your YouTube channel and getting the word out to your LinkedIn followers. It’s this “cascading content” that can help carve out your brand and make you stand out in the online arena.


The panelists also brought up how there is such a surprisingly small number of brands utilizing YouTube, even though it now stands as the number two search engine in the world. At one point during the discussion, Murray turned on his Flip camera and recorded a quick clip of the audience, just to show everyone how simple it was to create content for YouTube.


Video not only helps the public connect with brands on a human level, it also gives the public an intimate, first-hand look at what your brand is really all about. Just one short video clip can also become a piece of “cascading content” by sharing that video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and everywhere else your brand has a presence online. 


Jay Berkowitz said it best toward the end of the discussion - “there is no excuse for not protecting your brand.” By getting your content out there on all social media outlets, whether it’s a short video clip from a panel discussion or a detailed white paper, you’re taking the first steps to protecting your brand online. Continuing to protect that brand requires an ongoing effort to create and distribute compelling content regularly.


Expert advice on how to take our social media strategy to the next level, the best way to utilize and maximize video as part of that strategy and how to protect your brand online -- like I said, we could have stayed all afternoon.


This guest blog post was submitted by Chelsea Duran, the interactive media coordinator at United Way of Miami-Dade, responsible for managing online communities and connecting with constituents using various web-based outlets including Facebook ( and Twitter ( You can find her writing regularly on her personal site at and tweeting at .

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