Fine-tune Your Management Skills – Compliments of PRSA Miami

Incoming PRSA Miami President Connie Crowther shows how her role in a professional association benefitted her professional career.

Early in my career, I worked nonstop for several months to ensure the success of a communications conference I was chairing. Every day after work, I spent another 4-5 hours on the planning, logistics, speakers, promotion and program with the team. On the day of the conference on the university campus where I worked, the event was so well planned and ran so perfectly that I joked that I could have stayed home in bed.

Turns out, I was being watched.

I had invited the president of the university to give the welcome remarks to the 400+ participants at the conference. At the time, he was looking for a new director of media relations. Competition was fierce. When he offered me the job a few days later, he confessed that he watched me in my role of conference chair, and this helped him confirm that I had the management chops to be the department director.

I had fine-tuned my management skills, compliments of my professional association.

Flash forward a couple of decades. Next year, I will be president of the Public Relations Society of America Miami Chapter. Now I am the watcher. I’m looking for a few great communicators to chair or serve on our committees and begin their own journey of achievement, and build and fine-tune their management skills. Within the next two months, I will tap several outstanding leaders to chair a committee. And we will select a few others to serve on their committees, positioned to also move up to leadership in the next few years.

PRSA Miami’s committees seeking members include:

  • Awards and Endowment, planning our annual meeting and endowment luncheon, presenting chapter and community awards, and scholarships from our endowment fund
  • College Relations, working with local college and university students and PRSSA chapters to help public relations and communication students prepare for success in our industry and in PRSA, and network with one another and with professionals in our chapter
  • Communication, communicating our news, achievements and messages with members, the community and other PR professionals through traditional and social media, and our PRSA Miami website
  • Ethics, planning and presenting a stimulating, content-rich meeting for members and the community, focused on professional ethics
  • Hispanic Market Section, planning and presenting a panel discussion or speaker on how to do public relations and communicate effectively with the Hispanic community and the rapidly growing Latin American market, and how to integrate this into your overall plan
  • Membership, managing and promoting membership in PRSA and PRSA Miami, and creating and promoting activities to develop and retain membership
  • Professional Development, planning and presenting the professional programming we offer to members, providing content over the year that appeals to PR professionals at every stage of their career
  • Public Service, presenting programming that reaches out to the community and local nonprofits, utilizing our communication and PR skills to benefit the community and these groups
  • Sponsorship, building our sponsorships and relationships with our valued sponsors.


For more information about the chapter, go to or about PRSA, go to

Come join us in a leadership role in 2013 and learn new skills and sharpen your management ability. Text me at 305-710-3773 or [email protected], call me to discuss the opportunities, or e-mail me your preferences.

Perhaps your own manager will be watching you and your PRSA achievements. 

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