PRSA Miami's 2009 Recap - Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009
Dear PRSA Miami Members and Chapter Friends:
As we prepare to welcome a new year, I would like to thank all of you for making this year so special for me as Chapter President. I am proud to say that 2009 was a year of successes for PRSA Miami, as we managed to maintain our membership numbers, even through a tough economy. We offered more than 20 professional development programs, launched our mentor/protégé program and even received the PRSA National Chapter Diversity Award for our Hispanic Market Section programming. Our ongoing commitment to further our industry led to many new members, events that featured national speakers and a stronger relationship with our PRSSA Chapters.
We also had several milestones for the Chapter on a national level, as our Assembly Delegates played an active role in crafting the new national bylaws and one of our own members, Rosanna Fiske, was elected as 2010 national chair-elect. Additionally, our own Assembly Delegate Georgina Gonzalez-Robiou was elected as 2010 chair-elect of the Sunshine District. On a local level, I am thrilled to announce that December 15, the day we held our holiday party, was officially declared PRSA Miami Chapter Day in Miami-Dade County and City of Miami, through special proclamations. On the financial front, we more than doubled our projected income for the year, making it one of our most successful years for the Chapter.
This year we awarded the Royal Palm Award to David Lawrence Jr. and the Bill Adams Lifetime Achievement Award to Karen Buchsbaum, APR, Fellow PRSA, during a very successful Ev Clay Endowment Luncheon, where seven students received scholarships. The Chapter added a special award this year called the Chapter Achiever of the Year Award to recognize a person who has made significant contributions to our chapter throughout the year. I was fortunate to present this award during our holiday party to our own Tim Dodson, APR, Assembly Delegate and Sunshine District Board Member. As of 2010, we are honored to also have Tim head our  Ev Clay Endowment Fund, one of the most successful endowments in the country, thanks to the tireless efforts and leadership of Bob Ross.
Throughout the year, I was able to participate in activities of the Sunshine District, made up of all the PRSA Florida Chapters. I am extremely lucky to have been able to collaborate with so many amazing professionals throughout the state and know that we have made lasting friendships.
A couple of weeks ago PRSA Miami held a luncheon for its past presidents. The gathering was attended by more than a dozen past presidents dating back to the 1970s. Everyone was given the opportunity to speak about their experiences with PRSA Miami and share their insights with others. This became a personal project as we managed to locate most of our past presidents, starting in the 1960s. It was incredibly rewarding to see everyone's reactions as they saw each other again, certainly making it a memorable time for me and those that attended.
In 2009, we had more than 30 individuals serve in leadership and committee roles. All of these accomplishments are the result of a team effort by volunteers who contribute their time to advancing our profession. I wish you all the best and know that Spero Canton will lead the Chapter to continued success in 2010. Thank you again and Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Eloise E. Rodriguez
2009 President, PRSA Miami Chapter

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PRSA Miami's Past Presidents Luncheon

By Eloise E. Rodriguez, PRSA Miami Chapter President

PRSA Miami recently hosted a special luncheon for the chapter's past presidents. It was attended by presidents going back to the 70s and was a wonderful opportunity to meet new faces. The luncheon took place at Dan Marino's in South Miami.

Past Presidents in Attendance Included:
1979 - Bruce S. Rubin, APR
1980 - Robert (Bob) C. Ross, APR, Fellow PRSA
1982 - N. Phillip Weinbach, APR
1983 - Karen Buchsbaum, APR, Fellow PRSA
1987 - Lucien C. Proby III, APR
1991 - Donn Tilson, APR, Fellow PRSA
1997 - Todd Ellenberg, APR
1998 - Robert M. Holtzman, APR
2000 - Rosanna Fiske, APR
2002 - Tim Dodson, APR
2006 - Georgina Gonzalez-Robiou, APR
2009 - Eloise E. Rodriguez
2010 - President-Elect Spero Canton

Current board members, Angie Moncada and Lourdes Almaraz, also attended this special event. Everyone was given the opportunity to speak about their experiences with PRSA Miami and share their insights with others. This became a personal project and was quite the challenge tracking everyone, but so much fun to see everyone's reactions as they saw each other again. It was certainly a memorable time for me and the chapter!

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Holiday Networking Cruise

The crew from PRSA Miami had a great time on December 3 with friends from FDMA, AMA, and AWC.  Check out video from our Holiday Networking Cruise.

Check out video here:

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