Communicator to Watch Award

The PRSA Miami Communicator to Watch Award is given annually to a communications professional in South Florida who has made an extraordinary contribution to their organization and to the communications community and profession as a whole through their work and service. The nominee should meet the following criteria:

The PRSA Miami Communicator to Watch Award is given to a communications practitioner who meets the following criteria:

  • Works and lives in South Florida
  • Has four to ten years of post-undergrad experience in a communications-related profession. This includes experience in any of the following areas: social or digital media, marketing, public relations, creative design, content creation, corporate communications, public affairs
  • Has demonstrated support and dedication toward advancing the profession in communications and service.


Past Communicator to Watch Award Recipient: 

2018 Rafael Brazon-Di Fatta

Royal Palm Award 

The PRSA Miami Royal Palm Award is presented to a member of the community who embodies and demonstrates key values of the public relations profession and who has made a significant contribution to Miami-Dade County. The recipient (who need not be a PRSA member) must demonstrate the following values:.

  • Maintains a high standard of ethics and social responsibility
  • Positively affects attitudes, beliefs and behavior for the common good
  • Respects the nature of public opinion while accomplishing set goals
  • Makes a significant political, economic or social impact on the community
  • Positively influences policy decisions, courses of action and communications
  • Establishes sound relationships with various publics to gain consensus


Past Royal Palm Award Recipients:

1997 Ron Levitt, APR
1998 Hank Meyer, APR
1999 Bryan Norcross
2000 M. Anthony (Tony) Burns
2001 Merrett Stierheim
2002 Lynne Cameron
2003 Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin
2004 Michael Aller
2005 Jorge Plasencia
2006 Aida Levitan, PhD., APR
2007 Stuart G. Newman
2008 Arthur H. Hertz
2009 David Lawrence Jr. 
2010 Don Browne
2011 Charles Cinnamon
2012 Arva Moore Parks
2013 Superintendent Alberto Carvalho
2014 Barry E. Johnson
2015 Ron Magill
2016 Steve Rothaus
2017 Harve Mogul
2018 William D. Talbert, III

Bill Adams Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1980 and again in 1995, PRSA Miami Chapter presented lifetime achievement awards to outstanding chapter members. In 2003, the death of nationally admired educator, public relations professional and chapter member Bill Adams prompted continuation of this award under his name. Our Bill Adams Lifetime Achievement award recognizes exceptional leadership and contributions to the public relations profession and the community.  

Past Bill Adams Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

1980 Ev Clay
1995 Ruth B. Kassewitz, APR, Fellow PRSA
2003 William C. Adams, APR, Fellow PRSA
2004 David H. Pearson, APR
2005 Nelly Rubio
2006 Robert C. Ross, APR, Fellow PRSA
2007 Stuart Newman
2008 Donn Tilson, APR, Fellow PRSA
2009 Karen Buchsbaum, APR, Fellow PRSA
2010 Jo Baxter, APR
2011 Dana Clay
2012 Ray Casas
2013 Bruce Rubin, APR
2014 Leslie Pantín
2015 Rosanna M. Fiske, APR
2016 Christine Barney, APR
2017 Fernando Figueredo, APR
2018 C.L. Conroy, APR