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PRSA Miami Blog Roll:

The PRSA Miami Blog Roll is a collection of local and national blogs that provide insight into the public relations field. We have also linked to several influential local bloggers who cover a variety of topics and may be good partners for your clients as they seek coverage in the digital space.


Consumer Talk -- Sun Sentinel


Liana Lozada -

Stephanie Camargo -

I Heart Miami -

Jennifer Santiago -

Off the Beaten Path -- Hilda S. Mitrani -

Professional Development/Tips:

Monique R. Catoggio -

Susan Young -

Investor Relations Alerts -

Local News:

Spero Canton -

Public Relations:

PR Week -

rbb Digital Park -

Think Ink PR -

Think Tank -- Non-Profit PR -

Social Media:

Mashable -

Brian Solis -

Poked -

Read Write Web -

Jess Jurick -

Social Media Examiner -

Al Quintana -- The Digital Raindance -

Good Reads:

Lorraine Rodriguez -

Angie Moncada -