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PRSA Miami Chapter Leadership 

Our chapter leadership is dedicated to advancing the public relations and communications industry by creating and enhancing our community of professionals in Miami-Dade County. We are always looking for talented leaders who want to share their expertise with our members.

Board of Directors

Our chapter is led by a board of 13 that include the President, Immediate Past-President,  President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, six Directors-at-large and two Assembly Delegates. Our Board of Directors leads the chapter by anticipating and assessing market and member needs and developing services and programs to meet these needs. The Board also establishes chapter objectives and formulates chapter policy to meet those objectives.

As the leadership body of the chapter, board members focus on specific aspects of leading the chapter. Positions include President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Directors and Assembly Delegates. If you are interested in being considered for a future board position, please contact our president at  




Heather Radi-Bermudez



President Elect

Carthy Frye-Thomas

Independent Purchasing Cooperative


Sidney Sterling

Ander & Co


Victoria Verdeja



Isabel Gamarra

Damian & Valori LLP | Culmo Trial Attorneys


Elizabeth Nickerson

American Heart Association


Maria Fernanda Larrazabal

Ted Miller Group


Nathaniel Derrenbacher

Royal Carribean Group


Alexandra Sophia Medina

Adrienne Arsht Center


Roshana Gossoff

Royal Carribean Group


Ailleen Izquierdo

Florida International University


Michelle Palomino

Wells Fargo


Lilyvania Mikulski

Codina Partners

Previous Presidents

2021 Isabel Gamarra

2020 Erika Mayor

2019 Julie Lugones

2018 Lilyvania Mikulski

2017 Jennifer Valdes

2016 Michelle Palomino

2015 Marcia Gomez

2014 Connie Crowther

2013 Sandra Fine, APR

2012 Fernando Figueredo, APR

2011 Annabel Beyra, APR

2010 Spero Canton

2009 Eloise Rodriguez

2008 Randall McKey

2007 Natalia Flores,APR

2006 Georgina Gonzalez-Robiou, APR

2005 Mark W. Sell, APR

2004 Keith Bowermaster, APR

2003 Catherine Pacheco Rodriguez, APR

2002 Tim Dodson, APR

2001 Joy A. Satterlee, APR

2000 Rosanna Fiske, APR

1999 Michael J. Gibaldi, APR

1998 Robert M. Holtzman, APR

1997 Todd Ellenberg, APR

1996 K. Robin Monserrat, APR

1995 Christine M. Barney, APR

1994 Francene R. Sevcik, APR

1993 C.L. Conroy-Sullivan, APR

1992 Kimberly Fox DeMaza, APR

1991 Donn Tilson, APR

1990 Rusty Sevigny, APR

1989 Dick Goodman, APR

1988 Tom H. Veenstra, APR

1987 Lucien C. Proby III, APR

1986 Rich Babl, APR

1985 Judy Stanton, APR

1984 Peter Nasca, APR

1983 Karen Buchsbaum, APR

1982 N. Phillip Weinbach, APR

1981 Margaret M. Poole, APR

1980 Robert (Bob) C. Ross, APR, Fellow PRSA

1979 Bruce S. Rubin, APR

1978 Dana Leigh Clay, APR

1977 Ruben Aguilar, APR

1976 John H. Francis, Jr., APR

1975 C.F. Smith, Jr., APR

1974 Hal Cohen, APR

1973 Roger Reece, APR

1972 Roger Reece, APR

1971 Lynn Clarke

1970 Lynn Clarke

1969 Ruth Kassewitz, APR

1968 Robert Kingsley

1967 Ray Teboe

1966 Ron Levitt, APR

1965 Ron Levitt, APR

1964 Stuart G. Newman

1963 Charles LaCombe

1962 Phil Deberard, Jr.

1961 Lee Ross

1960 J.K. Flanagan / Bob Daly*

1959 Hank Meyer, APR / Stuart G. Newman*

1958 Edward Whittlesey / Stuart G. Newman*

1957 J. Robert Rowley*